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Great Friend and Lawyer

5.0 stars-Posted on AVVO by Nadim May 18, 2018

  • I had known larry for several years before I encountered legal problems in Miami. Recently I was arrested and charged for a federal immigration crime. Had never been in trouble before and had never experienced jail so I was upset and frightened. My friends contacted Larry and without hesitation he began resolving my serious problem. He brought in his partner Michael Matters who is as tough as nails to help with the case. When you are in jail you hear a lot of crazy and unreliable things from other inmates and from friends on the outside. Larry and Mike are both very experienced federal criminal defense attorneys so they kept everything real for me and whatever they told me was going to happen, it happened. After spending a short period of time in custody I was eventually sentenced to time served and released to Immigration. I thought I was going to be deported immediately. Larry and his associate David Berger were able to negotiate my release on a very reasonable bond leaving me months to get my affairs in order and eventually I can voluntarily return to my native country without deportation.I consider Larry a very good friend. I put my trust in him and he did not let me down.   

 Life Saver

 5.0 stars-Posted by KHL on AVVO and Facebook on May 17, 2018

  • I had a federal charge facing 5 years (statutory maximum) and was given 30 days with a short term of home confinement. Larry was very professional, dependable, and a very caring person. He was available and returned all calls/text/emails very promptly. I highly recommend him to all.

         Federal Grand Jury Target- No Prosecution –No Deportation

           5.0 stars-Posted by Theo on Google Reviews February 1, 2018

  • In June of 2016 I received a grand jury target letter from the United States Attorney's Office advising me I was under investigation for bankruptcy fraud. At the time I could not afford to hire a federal criminal defense attorney and fortunately for me the Court appointed Larry from a special experienced panel of private federal criminal defense attorneys. The prosecutor was very confident that I had committed the offense at the outset. I was facing the possibility of prison and deportation. Larry’s extensive research and investigation got him the ammunition to convince the prosecutor there was insufficient evidence to seek an Indictment. It was a great relief. I am very grateful for his efforts on my behalf. He is confident, knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator. Highly recommend!!

Stacey-Do You Have the Right Lawyer

5 Stars-Posted on AVVO and Google on April 18, 2017

  • I came to know Larry Arnkoff under the circumstances that we all hope to NOT encounter one day - needing legal representation. Larry was very pleasant to deal with and his vast knowledge of the legal system was an added bonus! My husband and I came in contact with Larry when my husband was slammed with some serious charges out of Nashville, TN. In fact, it was a very serious federal heroin case. Larry quickly assessed the situation  and immediately began to offer solutions. My husband was facing 33 years in jail but Larry assured me that he could get my husband a lighter sentence. After months of preparation, phone calls, gathering evidence and speaking to other resources within the justice department, Larry was able to pull a rabbit out of his hat. My husband is detained now, and has been for 2.5 years now. The courts had no desire at all to speed up his case. We just came from court in Feb 2017 where the decision was made to settle for time lesser than 33 years. He received 3 years and 5 months and with time served compensated, I can expect to see my husband by the summer of 2018 vs. 2045. Because Larry rallied family members together, provided proof of stability outside of jail and other pertinent information to aid the case, my husband will be able to start fresh soon. I owe it all to Larry. Thank you for your service and I would recommend you to anyone! The best compliment is a referral! :)


Posted on Google Review in August of 2017

  • When I first met Larry a few years ago he got me out of a terrible mess. I had foolishly panicked and left the scene of a minor accident. After hiring Larry he employed his wealth of experience to resolve the situation without drawing a major police investigation. In fact when all was said and done I wound up only paying a nominal amount of court costs-no fines and no convictions. After that Larry and I kept and touch often discussing our common interest in music. This past year I had a little more drama in my life and Larry came to my rescue. I was in a nasty automobile accident where I was rear ended by another vehicle. I had pre-existing head and neck injuries so I was in a great deal of discomfort when I called Larry. It turns out my injuries were what the medical and insurance industries call “soft tissue” and not permanent ones. Despite that Larry and his partner Tom relentlessly pushed the insurance adjuster until he came up to a reasonable settlement offer. He always returned my calls and always kept me advised of what was happening in my case. Not long after we settled I had a minor criminal incident in Sumner County. Normally Larry does not handle criminal cases in Sumner County but as a result of our friendship he was considerate enough to represent me. Once again he worked his magic and got the charge dismissed. The following day he filed a petition to expunge my record at no extra cost. Larry is mostly known for his criminal work but he did an excellent job of representing me on my personal injury case. Hopefully I am finished needing his services but for anyone else who is looking for a great lawyer, I would recommend Larry.

Tony H - Nashville- August 2017-FEDERAL PILL CASE

Posted to Website in August of 2017

  •  In 2015 I was charged in a federal indictment with conspiring to violate various controlled substance laws and I was facing in excess of 3 years in prison as a minor role player in the conspiracy. I have a long-standing addiction to painkillers as well as significant physical and mental health problems. When I was arrested I was terrified about what was going to happen to me. From the very first meeting I had with Larry he assured me everything would be ok if I would only be patient and let him do his job. It sounded good but because of bad experiences I have had with other lawyers I did not completely trust him. Despite my insecurity and many phone calls to him over the next two years he kept assuring me he would not let me go to prison or lose my federal benefits.  Federal cases are very complicated. Larry is extremely knowledgeable about the law and the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Court respect him. Whenever we had to appear for a matter at the courthouse Larry always was confident and in control and that made me feel safe. He was able to convince the Judge to depart from the sentencing guidelines and give me 3 years of federal probation. It happened just like he told me it would when we first met. I am not a young man so going to prison could have been a death sentence for me. I am so grateful to Larry for all of the hard work he did on my behalf.

Excellent Attorney who never stops working for you

5 Stars Posted by Kiran on AVVO on April 10, 2017 

  • Larry has walked with us every step of the way, both during and after my son's federal case. He is still there for us, 4 years later, assisting us in every capacity and we are extremely grateful for his dedication and loyalty. We highly recommend him for his services.

K.M. - Miami - 2-17-2017

Posted on AVVO 

  • Larry has been my lawyer and good friend for over 20 years. My family operates an automotive import/export business in South Florida and whenever we have a need for legal counsel or representation Larry always makes himself available. Sometimes we have concerns about the company’s civil liability or immigration issues or IRS questions. Sometimes we have real estate matters that arise regarding commercial properties that we own. Occasionally we have an employee with a criminal problem. Whatever the problem is I know I can count on Larry to help us resolve it quickly and correctly. He bills us fairly and most times he commences his work prior to discussing or receiving a retainer. He is smart and he always has our best interest in mind. I appreciate all of the good work he has done for us and I would recommend him highly to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Matt- Williamson County Criminal- Aggravated Assault

Posted on AVVO and FaceBook in February 2017

  • I hired Larry to represent me after I had been convicted by a Williamson County Jury of Aggravated Assault. My first lawyer mishandled my case to the point where I was unnecessarily facing a significant prison sentence. Going to prison would have been a terrible hardship for my family. Changing lawyers was a wise decision. I went from having an unprofessional and unprepared lawyer who I rarely saw or heard from to Larry who is a tremendous communicator and extremely experienced. His preparation for my sentencing hearing was very impressive as was his presentation to the Court on my behalf. Larry's hard work and skill spared me from having to go to jail and the expenses of having to take an appeal. I can't thank him enough and I would recommend him to anyone looking for first rate criminal defense counsel.

JC-Great Nashville Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer-No Indictment

Overall Rating: 5 stars-Posted on AVVO 11-9-2016

  • After my ordeal, Larry Arnkoff is someone I consider a friend as well as my attorney. I had an ongoing serious federal matter that was under investigation for over 2 years. At the beginning the case did not look favorable for me in any way. Under the advisement and guidance of Larry we were able to diffuse the situation through constant dialogue and my cooperation with who was handling the case. I totally trust Larry in regards to any serious legal matters. He was with me through the whole process. I never had to wait for a return call. He was the one always calling me and checking on how I was holding up. There was several moments during this process that I felt hopeless but Larry kept me going with positive ideas and approach. I truly appreciate the amazing results Larry was able to accomplish. I feel like I have my life back again and I am forever grateful. Thank you Larry ------JC

SK- Western District of Tennessee-FEDERAL PROBATION FOR DRUG CASE

Posted on AVVO on April 5, 2016 

  • I was involved in a federal case and he came to me highly recommended. I see the reason why. Larry is very knowledgeable and professional and has years of experience dealing with federal cases and he knows everyone on the staff, familiar with judge and prosecutors, the whole process involved, that make it easier in almost all the cases. He is attentive, punctual and has a lot of patience; he is a great lawyer and helped me tremendously. I will recommend him to anyone.

Brian- Experience, Integrity, Expertise Personified

Posted on AVVO and Facebook in November 2017

  • Nearly 20 years ago I met Larry Arnkoff while working as his letter carrier for the USPS. He was easy to get to know as he treated everyone the same, whether they were the bank president or the janitor. Regarded as a top-notch federal defense attorney, never did I think that my family would need his help in a significant way. As life unfolded, my three children as young adults unfortunately had legal issues. My youngest daughter was charged with five felonies, including battery on a police officer, even though it was really a misunderstanding. Larry, somehow, with his amazing capacity to communicate and his broad system of contacts was able to get three charges dropped and the other two reduced to misdemeanors and adjudication was withheld. Then, after some community service her record was permanently sealed. Several times since, as she has travelled the world, I have consulted with Larry on an emergency basis regarding her safety in Lebanon, Mexico, and most recently about a marital issue in the Dominican Republic, as well as an incident on an airplane years ago. His advice has always been exceptional, prompt, and done with a great amount of personal care. Furthermore, his knowledge and advice was also paramount in business matters assisting both my younger and older daughter. My eldest daughter also benefitted from Larry’s amazing skills as she had issues with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, which he quickly worked out and had her record sealed. Perhaps his most significant work on my family’s behalf came with a very serious federal case involving my son. A few years ago he was charged with trafficking significant amounts of marijuana, the sentence guidelines were anywhere from 10-40 years. Brilliantly consulting in the case, and utilizing his many contacts around the country, he was instrumental in helping settle the case with a plea of a 30 month sentence. My son is now on home detention and about two months away from being on probation. In large part, thankful to Larry’s input and meticulous work, my son has his life back and is now doing extremely well. In summary, Larry Arnkoff without question is as good of an attorney as you can find, with a myriad of federal experience. More significant is his honesty, integrity, and that he is a person who is extremely fair regarding charges for services and payments. This is a man who simply put has a character beyond reproach!


Carrie P. - JURY VERDICT OVERTURNED-Williamson County

Posted on AVVO on 4-30-16

  • To start I was convicted of a felony by a Williamson County jury. As a result of that conviction I was required to register as a sex offender. Prior to my sentencing I called LA to replace my previous trial lawyer whose work was less than spectacular. LA met with me and outlined a strategy and a budget. LA is very good at communicating and returned calls amazingly timely. In the last year he filed numerous motions to help me try to get the jury's verdict set aside before we got ready for a sentencing hearing. We had numerous court hearings before the judge agreed to set aside the jury verdict and two of the motions were granted. This motion being granted, it required me to no longer have to register as a sex offender, which from what I hear, does not happen very often. The difference in quality of LA versus my prior lawyer was incomparable. LA was always prepared and presented himself in front of the judge in a way the judge respected. LA has experience and knowledge that is beyond impressive. I would recommend him to anyone in any criminal matter. He is amazing and treats you as a person nothing less. He fights for your life as if it's his own.

Ashley-Experienced, Personable Criminal Attorney

Posted on AVVO on March 25, 2016

  • I contacted Larry less than a week before I was to appear before the Grand Jury. He called me right away to get more details and was very friendly and knowledgeable. He knows EVERYONE at the federal court house which is very helpful and helped set my mind at ease. I hired him after speaking to several other Attorneys as he had the most experience, was reasonably priced, and made me feel the most comfortable. He also started working on my case prior to receiving any payment from me. He stayed in good contact with me throughout the process and never left me wondering what was going on. He told me exactly what to expect when going in to interview with the Federal Prosecutor and was dead on. I more than recommend Larry!

SG-Peace of Mind-Criminal -Nashville

Posted on AVVO on March 24, 2016

  • Mr. Arnkoff was and continues to be punctual, knowledgeable, understanding, reasonable, and professional - all qualities of an excellent attorney. He worked hard to achieve the goals we set with my case, but he never set unreasonable expectations for what he was capable of doing. I was never met with any unpleasant surprises and was always kept abreast of the situation - he has not failed to return a call or email and has treated me with utmost courtesy. He has been in practice for a very long time and has established himself as a trustworthy and experienced attorney with a good reputation and I would highly recommend him, both for his quality of work and the honesty with which he operates.

Only the Best

Posted by Nancy March 21, 2016 on Thumbtack

  • I would recommend Larry to any of my friends, family or anyone whole-heartedly without a doubt. This attorney (now my attorney forever!) He is smart. He gets action. Larry knows the system and how it works and yet is kind and compassionate to his clients. There are not many attorneys like this. I did much research and interviewed several attorneys before taking him on, I did the research for you. His record is outstanding! I'm so glad I went with Larry, He not only won my case, but my case is gone, completely gone, as if it never happened to me. He doesn't judge the situation; He's simply on your side. If you want the BEST, I urge you to sit down and talk with him. You won't be sorry. Let him take it off your shoulders and give you a new lease on life like he did me. I honestly cannot say enough good things about my experience with Attorney Larry Arnkoff.