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Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal DefenseFederal Criminal Defense



  • There are several things I want potential criminal clients to know about me. I have more than 40 years of experience as a federal criminal defense lawyer in Tennessee and Florida. I represent clients who are being prosecuted or investigated for federal or state crimes. The majority of my practice is spent defending federal crimes like fraud, money laundering and drug trafficking. I  have handled cases in federal and state courts all over this country and I have also handled criminal matters for a few foreign nationals abroad. My considerable experience has allowed me to earn the respect of the Federal Judiciary, U. S. Attorney's Office, U.S. Marshal's Office, and all of  the various federal and state law enforcement agencies (DEA, FBI, ATF, IRS, ICE, TBI etc.).      


  • I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees studying at first rate universities. I have acquired knowledge from handling hundreds of criminal cases in my 40 plus years of practice. I am currently a  member of the prestigious CJA panel in the Middle District of Tennessee where my continuing legal education is honed to help my federal clients. If you are a foreign national I want you to know I am extremely knowledgeable in immigration law and I have  represented and currently represent a significant number of foreign clients. I am experienced in post-conviction matters including appeals, habeas writs, and the appeal of prisoner's rights. 



  • My success is governed by utilizing all of my experience and knowledge to assist my clients in resolving their legal problems in an effective manner. That includes winning at trial, negotiating the best plea agreements, convincing the government authorities not to prosecute, and making well prepared presentations at sentencing hearings. Please review my Case Results and Client Reviews before making any decision regarding the hiring of an attorney.

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